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Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor is a statewide campaign, sponsored by the WSMA, promoting various patient-centered health initiatives to enhance the relationship between patient and physician. With health care changing so dramatically and so quickly, it’s more important than ever for patients to have meaningful conversations about the best treatment options, expected outcomes and quality-of-life choices.

Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor focuses on three initiatives: Choosing Wisely®, End-of-Life Resources and ER is for Emergencies.

Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor For Patients

Choosing WiselyChoosing Wisely® - A national effort launched by the ABIM Foundation and Consumer Reports, Choosing Wisely encourages conversations between patients and physicians about the necessity of certain tests and procedures. Over 50 national medical specialty societies have each identified “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question” that provide specific evidence-based recommendations for conversations on the risks and benefits of various medical tests.

Consumer Reports has created flyers on common tests that outline when you need them and when you don’t. These tips can serve as a conversation starter between you and your physician. Visit the Choosing Wisely webpage for the recommendations, arranged by category. Also included are educational videos. 

End-of-Life Resources - While many people have clear ideas of their end-of-life preferences, few share these with family and physicians. There are many choices a patient faces during an illness including treatment choices that preserve quality of life, provide direction regarding life-sustaining treatment, as well as hospice and palliative care preferences. It’s important to discuss all options with your physician. Advanced care planning documents are designed to preserve a patient’s final wishes and provide peace of mind. Visit the End of Life Resources section of the WSMA website for these resources.

ER is for Emergencies - When illness, accidents and injuries happen, where should you go for care? The doctor’s office? Urgent care clinic or emergency room?  It turns out where you go for care matters. Our ER is for Emergencies page has the details.

Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor For Physicians

Physicians are a trusted source of information for patients. They play an important part the Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor campaign by directing discussions with patients about treatment options, expected outcomes and quality-of-life choices.

Physicians know that evidence-based medicine is more than just using clinically-proven procedures; equally important is using the evidence to decide what not to do.

Visit the Know Your Choices - Ask Your Doctor physician resources page to learn more about the specific tests/procedures highlighted by the national Choosing Wisely effort. Also available are resources to help guide you as you encourage these important conversations with your patients, and how you can spread awareness of these efforts within your practice and to your colleagues. New resources are being added regularly as the initiative grows.

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